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My unique treatment method

I want to familiarize you with the unique system that I developed,
combining all of the techniques and tools that I have acquired over the years 

  • Acknowledging the root of the pain and healing it
  • Release of bodily and emotional tension
  • An experience of free flowing energy in both the body and soul
  • Increasing quality of life and longevity
  • Achieving inner peace and happiness
  • Pain Relief, both emotional and physical

And many more sensations and feelings reported by my patients…

I invite you – the self-aware, the longing for change, the men and women with intent and awareness, to open your heart to me and accept my hand with open arms.

Before we begin – who am I?

The journey towards happiness and inner peace beings with a decision…

My name is Eliyahu Sapir, 51 years old, father of Lavi and Eyal and married to Michali. The path towards successes was laid before me – a family business, financial success and a life of hedonism. But something was missing – my happiness. A long journey in the far east has opened my heart and made me realize that true happiness lies in the simple things – in healthy diet, gratitude and therapy. There I have found my destiny – to help people free themselves from stress and pain in to a new and better life. I am an expert therapist in emotional and physical release using my Free-flow system, inspired by Ilan Lev and by the Energetic Wash by Dr. Nader Buto. For more than 20 years I have been acquiring therapeutic tools and techniques for my patients, and for myself as a therapist and as a man.

With which methods would I be able to help you?

My personal search for happiness, as well as the deep research in order to acquire therapeutic knowledge – have helped me reach the conclusion that I have in my hands the tools to help my patients go through a process of significant change in life, and to experience harmonious souls and bodies.

The methods from which I’m inspired and influenced by – shiatsu, the Ilan Lev method, auriculotherapy, Bach flowers, therapeutic sounds and energetic wash out


“believe you can, and you’re halfway there.”


20 years of success

A therapist with deep intuitive sensitivity.

I came to Eliyahu after already visiting several therapists, and I had very few expectations.
The issued that needed to be addressed were emotional and deep.
I’ve been attending this therapy for 10 months, and after each session, I left in a completely different place, mentally, from the one I was in when I came.

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