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The difference between not beings sick and being healthy.

My name is Eliyahu Sapir, 51 years old, married to Michali and father to Lavi and Eyal.

At first glance, just an average joe from the town of Rihspon. But the fact is that my life has been filled with countless adventures, barriers and struggles, as well experimentations and doubt. I’m an experienced practitioner of the Energy Wash method developed by Dr. Nader Boto.

Today, I’ve found myself at a place I could only dream of – living in a free flow and helping others to do the same.

I never imagined that it is possible to live in both sides of life, until I went through the transformative experience that has completely changed my life

If you went back 22 years ago for a moment, you would encounter a man dressed in a suit and tie, leaving to go to work before sunrise and coming back home mentally emotionally drained: I was a businessman. I dealt with cars. I made my customer’s wishes to come true, made lots of money and made sure to spend it on hedonistic experiences. Until the big bang came along – the one that have shuttered my very core.

The great Escape…

One day I decided to escape the materialistic world, in which I was held captive for years, to a world where the clock isn’t ticking, and money does not echo as loudly: The far east. In one of my travels to Thailand I’ve met two older women that have made a switch in my life: an Indian woman and a Thai woman. From the Indian Woman I have learned the secrets of the Indian cuisine and from the Thai women I have learned the secrets of Thai massage. From then on, my life has changed for the better.

 Finding Happiness

In my journey in the East, I have found a connection to calmness, to simple and healthy living, and I have started to make myself stronger and healthier through Yoga and a healthy diet. Understanding that one could be happy without chasing happiness have changed my life.

When I came back home to Israel, I continued my fascinating journey towards my personal happiness, and have completed with receiving education in some of the most well-known and recognized alternative medicine institutions: I learned Shiatsu, Tui Na, Sujok, acupuncture, Bach flowers remedy, healing, and method of Dr. Nader Boto – the method of the Energy Washing. At the same time, I’ve gained a much broader understanding of myself, and have discovered that the tools that have helped me could be used to help others. I began to help my friends and family, who recommended me to their friends and associates, and so on and so on.

 Free flow- living with the flow

I founded my first clinic in Haifa when I had established a reoccurring customer base: with the help of techniques that include touch, breathing, energy wash, talking and Bach flowers remedy, I have helped people let go from negative emotions and thoughts, to release tension and anxiety and to combat chronicle diseases, pain and addiction. I have made the energy within their veins to flow and have restored peace and harmony to their body and mind. I developed this method while integrating all of these different techniques and e called it – free flow, meaning the resulted outcome from the treatment: allowing all of the body’s systems to flow freely. Today I have a successful clinic in Rishpon, thanks to my efficient method being wildly regarded around the globe. My patients all over Europe believe in my method and report like that there’s been a noticeable positive change in their lives.

My Personal Ideology

In order to get a better understanding of what I do, I will tell you about how ancient thinkers have realized that there is energy flowing through our body, thousands and thousands of years ago. This energy is the energy of life. It might be easier to explain that energy through using the metaphor of a car. If we give the car the best possible conditions for driving than the overall experience of the drive will be ideal.

In order for the engine to work in an optimal way, we need to preserve the right ratio of oxygen and gas. If that balance will be abrupted the engine will be damaged, and the car would stop moving! If we draw a comparison between that and when we breath short breaths more than long and deep breaths, there is less oxygen arriving at our cells, creating a toxic environment in our body. This is an optimal situation for developing chronic diseases.

Every car has a trunk. If the trunk will be overloaded for too long, it will cause the car to slow down and struggle to go up hill. In our case, our emotional baggage is equivalent to the baggage in a car. Where there are traumas, negative memories and bad experiences that haven’t been processed properly, they become an unwanted baggage that is burdening our overall ability to function, and makes it difficult to form relationships, among other things. In the physical sense, traumas obstruct the energy flow in our body, our immune system is weakening, and other systems are malfunctioning.

The control room of a car has different lights and indicators that are alarming the driver whenever there is a certain problem. What would you do if that happened to you? No one would drive a vehicle in such a condition! All of us will prefer to contact the nearest garage as soon as possible in order to fix the problem. Let’s talk about a common problem… headache. A headache is a sort of an alarm, but instead of fixing the problem we tend to take a pill. That is like putting a sticker on the lit indicator and ignore it. from my experience, headache often stems from incorrect breathing technique and a lack of oxygen in the body.

Every vehicle needs to be properly maintained, and just like a vehicle we need to make sure that our body receives methodical maintenance in order to remain healthy. That’s why it is recommended to do a session using my method once in a while.

Over the years I’ve met an incredible Israeli doctor with an international reputation by the name of nader butto, and I realized that emotional blockage could influence our energy flow in a negative way. When we release that person from the thing that’s stopping their flow of energy, they will be calm, peaceful and energetic. Chronical diseases often stem from imbalances in our bodies.

Noble prize winner otto warburg have discovered in the 1930s that one of the causes of cancer is a lack of sufficient oxygen to our cells! It is that simple.

Let’s take a moment to take a deep breath and notice how dramatically the number of people with cancer is increasing. In Chinese calligraphy for example, health is symbolized by two signs: a symbol of a man that is table and with his head held high along with a man who is calm and peaceful. This is my ideology!

I’d love to tell you how my method works and how it will vastly improve your quality of life.


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