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The difference between not beings sick and being healthy.

I never believed that one can live life on both edges, until I experienced one life-changing event.
My name is Eliyahu Sapir, 49 years old, married to Michali, and father to Lavi. A seemingly average person from Rishpon. As a matter of fact, my life’s events are filled with adventures, twists, and turns. I am a senior therapist of the energetic flushing method, by Dr. Nader Boto.
Today, I find myself in a place which once I could only dream of – in a Free Flow – living in a free flow and assisting others to do the same.
If we go 22 years back in time, you could see a man in a suit and a neck-tie, going out to work before the break of dawn, and returning home only after having, figuratively speaking, broken my back: your archetypal businessman. I dealt in automobiles. I made customers’ dreams come true, made money, and made sure to spend that money as exaggeratedly as possible on material pleasures. Until the Big Bang – my mental Big Bang.

The Escape…
One sunny day, I decided to break away from the material world, in which I was imprisoned for many years, to a world where the clock does not tick, and money does not echo as loudly – to the Far East. In one of my trips to Thailand, I met two older women who essentially caused the switch in my life: one was Indian, and one was Thai. From the Indian woman, I learned the arts of Indian cuisine, and from the Thai woman, I learned the arts of Thai massaging, and all its sorts. From there on, my life had switched a phase.

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The Discovery of Bliss
In my journeys in the East, I found a connection to inner peace, to the simple and healthy lifestyle, and I began maintaining myself through the practice of yoga and a healthy diet. Understanding that one may still be happy, without constantly chasing riches, changed my life entirely.
When I returned home, I continued this fascinating journey of mine, and supplemented it with training from the most well-known institutions for complementary medicine: I learned Shiatsu, Tui Na, Sujok, acupuncture, Bach flowers remedy, healing, and the method developed by Dr. Nader Boto – Energetic Flushing. In parallel to that, I accumulated experience, and learned that one helps me may also serve to help others. I treated friends and colleagues, and they brought their friends to me, and so on.

Free Flow – to live freely, ever flowing
The first clinic I opened was in Haifa, when I had gathered a permanent client audience: with techniques that involve contact through clothing, breathing, energetic wash out, conversation, and Bach flowers, I aided people in becoming free from emotional and physical blockages, relieve stress and anxiety, and get rid of chronic diseases, pains, and addictions. I made the energy flow once more in their veins, and returned the harmony to their bodies and souls.
I’ve developed the integrative formula for these techniques, and called it Free Flow – with its meaning as apparent as the result that you get from it: a free flow of energy throughout the body and the soul.
Today, I owe a successful clinic in Rishpon, thanks to my effective method, which gained positive reviews worldwide as well. My European patients believe in my method, and indeed, they report feeling a significant improvement in their lives.
I’ll be happy to tell you how this method works, and how it could improve your life as well.
The difference between not beings sick and being healthy.
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