Accompaniment through cancer​

Accompaniment through cancer

As with any illness, there are two aspects to consider when it comes to cancer: the physical aspect, and the mental-emotional aspect.

Cancer will likely trigger anxieties, fears, distress, confusion, and many internal conflicts related to an individual’s life choices.

Patients are often under immense stress at all stages of the illness: from the moment of discovery, through medical tests and treatments, and even after the healing process is over.

Prolonged stress hurts our immune system’s functioning, and prevents the rest of the body’s systems from functioning optimally, like returning to balance and the body’s ability to heal itself, etc.

An individual’s struggle with the illness often leaves them exhausted both physically and mentally. This happens when they feel overwhelmed by medical jargon, side effects from treatments or medication, bureaucracy, running from facility to facility, etc. Sometimes all a person wants is to be in an accepting, quiet, non-judgmental, supportive and empowering environment (just like in the womb).

Today, with the treatment I developed, I accompany the patient through their struggle at every stage of the illness through a number of ways:

  • First, I let the individual stop, look back and ahead, vent, rest, recharge and get in touch with their inner strength, and consciously see what’s right for their lives (and what isn’t), where they are their own bosses, and not the illness dictating their lives.
  • Using a tool called “energetic washout” developed by Nader Butto, I lead the patient through an “internal journey” that allows them to mentally free themselves from deep baggage from the past and from things that are blocking them in the present, to clear out their soul, and connect with the healing energy within us.
  • The treatment allows a person to connect to their inner peace, feel calmer and reduce stress levels, and through this allow better coping with the illness physically and mentally.
  • Touch is a time-honored tool I use in my treatment, through which people feel accepted, protected, loved, and connected to their deeper selves. The touch relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress and anxiety, and allows for release of endorphins (natural painkillers) in the body.

The treatment I offer is a supportive supplemental treatment to medical care, and allows a person to take the opportunity to momentarily stop and look at their lives through the window of cancer. To learn more about themselves, cope with the fear, and wish for deep healing on all levels.

The treatment can be a one-time occurrence or a series of sessions as a supportive process, depending on the patient’s wishes.

As a cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my body and soul

As a cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my body and soul

Hi Eliyahu,

I’ve come to see you with the recommendation of a friend in order to relieve stress and start a process of healing for my soul.

As a past cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my soul and body with something like an energetic washout as part of the deep healing process.

I never imagined that right after the first treatment I’d feel a huge impact like this and be liberated beyond my expectations.

I don’t know if I can put into words the experience I’ve had, I was excited, emotional and free.

You’ve allowed me, in a professional and sensitive way, to connect with my soul deeply and everything I was too scared to do, and not be afraid to look inside and love who I am today and who I was in any stage of my life.

I’d like to thank you for the patience, sensitivity and care,

I’m glad I came to you and got to know you and your treatment methods.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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