Nader butto energy wash-out

Energetic wash out by Dr. Nader Butto's Method

What is energetic wash out?

Energetic wash out is a unique treatment method developed by Dr. Nader Butto, senior cardiology and catheterization expert from Rabin Medical Center, and the best-selling author of “Medicine and The Seventh Sense”, “Medicine and The Seven Universal Laws”, and “The Human Code”. In 2007, I went to an advanced study clinic that Dr. Nader hosted on this method, and since then, I began practicing it as well. I also began participating and aiding Dr. Nader in clinics he occasionally hosts, with the purpose of spreading this method in Israel and abroad, by teaching the method and training practitioners.
It is apparent to everyone in today’s age, that there is a connection between the body and the soul.
Every experience or trauma we endure, consciously or subconsciously, is a critical phase in our development and self-healing.
When incorrect processing occurs (mostly, our inner defense mechanisms will make us repress, deny, disconnect, and even forget the experience), an engergetic barrier is created in our energetic forms. This barrier can manifest in our physical body in the form of pain or disease, or in our psyche – in the form of an emotional hardship or undesirable behavioral patterns.
Conventional medicine mostly observes problems only through the symptoms of said problem, and does not delve into a holistic, or whole, if you will, observation of the person. Usually, there is no attempt to address the root of the problem, the emotional aspect of said problem, disease, or pain, nor there are attempts to determine if there is a link to other physical or psychological problems that the said person endures. This outlook is very specific, and many times, people come to me after conventional medicine had failed to provide them with a solution, or when no scientific factor is able to determine the cause of the issue, such as imaging tests for example.

What is the purpose of the treatment?

The purpose of the energetic wash out is to enable a continuous energy flow through the body, by opening the energetic barriers created in our energetic form, which includes the energy focuses – the chakras (7 energetic focus points along the body), and the meridians (energy canals spread throughout the body). 

What happens during the treatment?

Energetic wash out is conducted using a technique of pressure application via contact, through the clothes, when the patient is lying on the treatment bed in the room, under my guidance as breath work therapist. During the treatment, the patient may feel a connection to events, traumas, of emotions from the past, which lay buried deeply within their souls, and allow them to manifest outwards. The release of the stored energy may be expresses in various forms, such as shaking, laughter, crying, shouting, energetic discharge, and other forms. When the patient immerses themselves into the treatment and allows all the above-mentioned free expression, the energy begins to flow more openly and freely in the body, and generally, by the end of the treatment, a feeling of immediate relief will be felt, a feeling that “something was finally unlocked and opened”. Some patients report that the treatment aided them in letting go old burdens which they carried with them for years, and dispose of negative emotions, or “emotional trash”, if you will, which were overly or covertly managing their lives.

For whom is the treatment suited?

Energetic wash out is suitable to most persons of any age.
The treatment is intended for any person who willingly wishes to improve their physical and psychological well-being and quality of life by opening energetic barriers and blockades, to release that which “destroys” us from within, and allow space for what is beneficial and constructive for us.
This treatment allows the body to hill itself of diseases, problems, and undesired behavioral patterns by deepening the body-soul link.
Energetic wash out can aid in various cases, such as: a feeling of stress, burden, and pressure, headaches, digestion problems, fibromyalgia, skin problems, breathing problems, emotional crises, traumas, sexual abuse, difficulties in getting pregnant, anxiety, and more.

For whom is the treatment not recommended?

Important to know!
While suitable for most, energetic wash out isn’t suitable for everyone!
The treatment is not suited for people diagnosed with definite mental problems, except for depression or anxiety. While energetic washout releases and opens energetic barriers, but it is unpredictable how it will affect a patient with mental issues. It may cause emotional unbalance.
The method is also not suited for:

  • Pregnant women
  • People who suffer from heart-rate disorders
  • Children suffering from ADHD
  • Very young children

Further, detailed reviews by patients can be found here.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the energetic wash out method. For further details and booking appointments, please contact me.
Phone number for booking a treatment: 054-4213151

As a cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my body and soul

As a cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my body and soul

Hi Eliyahu,

I’ve come to see you with the recommendation of a friend in order to relieve stress and start a process of healing for my soul.

As a past cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my soul and body with something like an energetic washout as part of the deep healing process.

I never imagined that right after the first treatment I’d feel a huge impact like this and be liberated beyond my expectations.

I don’t know if I can put into words the experience I’ve had, I was excited, emotional and free.

You’ve allowed me, in a professional and sensitive way, to connect with my soul deeply and everything I was too scared to do, and not be afraid to look inside and love who I am today and who I was in any stage of my life.

I’d like to thank you for the patience, sensitivity and care,

I’m glad I came to you and got to know you and your treatment methods.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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    eli sapir , eliyahu sapir , wash out , doctor nader butto
    nader butto energy wash out emotional treatment
    nader butto energy wash out emotional treatment
    nader butto energy wash out emotional treatment
    nader butto energy wash out emotional treatment
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