Free flow

Free Flow - Energetic Balance and Emotional Cleanse

A combined treatment to help cope with stress and release any blockages in life. This treatments brings feelings of comfort, peace of mind, control and optimal handling of stressful situations, along with bringing back passion for life.

Today, in the modern world, stress is known to be the main cause of death in the 21st century!

My treatment is called Free Flow, which is a treatment that involves a conversation, touch, over the clothes, energetic wash out, breathing and bach flower remedies, with the goal to bring back the balance to the flow of energy within the body.

The free flow of the energy in your body will bring peace and health upon you.

To better understand what it is that I do, allow me to tell you that thousands of years ago, wise men realised energy flows through the body. That energy is the energy of life.

It’s easier for me to explain energy using a car as an example. If you give the car the best conditions, the ride and the experience of the ride will be better.

For the engine to work in the best possible way, a proper ratio of oxygen and gas is needed. If the ratio is wrong, the engine will suffer damages and the car will break! If we compare this to our body, when we take shallow breaths instead of deep ones, less oxygen is reaching the cells, creating an acidic environment in the body, which is the best place to develop chronic illnesses.

Every car has a trunk. If the trunk is overloaded for a long period of time, the car will wear down, drive slow, get stuck every now and then and will have a really hard time going uphill. Our emotional baggage is just like a car’s trunk. When you go through trauma, bottle up memories, or keep experiences inside, they make it more difficult for us to function in our everyday life, for example – forming new relationships. Physically, traumas interfere with the flow of energy in our body, weaken our immune system and make other systems function poorly.

In the control panel of the car there’s a little light that indicates something is wrong with the car. What would you do if your “Check engine” light went on? No one would drive a car like that for a long time! We would all rather turn to a garage as soon as possible to fix the problem. Let’s talk about a more common problem… A headache. Headaches are kind of like our body’s “Check Engine” light, and instead of checking the problem, we often tend to prefer to just take a pill, which is like covering the “Check Engine” light in the car with a sticker. From my experience, headaches often appear because of shallow breathing and lack of flow of oxygen in the body.

Every car needs ongoing maintenance and check-ups, oil changes, filters and more. Just like you would go through a full examination to prepare your car for the winter, we need to maintain our bodies regularly to stay healthy. That’s why every once in a while everyone should go through a prevention treatment with my method. My treatment was created by watching my patients. I’ve had many patients complaining about back, shoulder, and general pains, patients who were exhausted and with no passion for life. Even after treating their pains they kept coming back with the same complaints. I’ve come to realize that something was causing it again and again, and that it is necessary to guide them and teach them about how they are harming their body and how to avoid reaching the same state. During the treatments I made sure to teach them how to release themselves from things that block them, how to improve their breathing to let more oxygen enter the body, affect every single cell in the body and make the body start balancing itself on its own.

Over the years I got to know an amazing Israeli dr. with an international status, Dr. Nader Butto, and I realized emotional blockages can also affect our breathing and the flow of energy in the body, if we release the blockage – the person will be calm, serene and energetic. Many chronic illnesses appear because of an imbalance in the body.

Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg discovered back in the 30’s that cancer was caused due to a lack of oxygen in the cells. Listen carefully, and understand that cancer grows when the cells are lacking oxygen! How simple is that! Let’s all just take a deep breath together, and notice that more and more people suffer from cancer and other chronic illnesses. These are exactly the ‘bombs’ I mean. If we learn how to defuse them now, we will be able to lead a healthier life later on.

I am doing the best I can to become an expert in the craft I’m developing. I am forever a student. I have been studying the matter for the past 15 years to research the subject and perfect the treatment.

I put a lot of faith in my treatment, with hundreds of patients and patients’ recommendations backing me up, people from Israel and from abroad whose lives turned around completely thanks to the treatment. The combination I’ve created is innovative, and will definitely improve your life. Backing me up are the patients who cope better with stress, patients who I’ve helped come out of a crisis, evoke anxiety, become more aware of themselves, release pains from their bodies, improve their sleep, bring back the passion for life and more.

I believe that proper maintenance of the body will guarantee many years of health. In the Chinese calligraphy, Health is represented with two characters: One of a stable, upright man, and the other of a relaxed and calmed man, and this is what I believe in!

I promise that anyone who will reach out to me will get to experience the unique treatment of Free Flow, be charged with energy and serenity and be presented with the tools for better breathing.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for almost everyone! Anyone who’d like to improve their life, release their emotional blockages and be able to cope with everyday tension and stress. I recommend you to send me a message or call, and I promise to notify you in advance or after 1 session if there’s any point in continuing with more sessions. 


The treatment is good for:

  • Breathing problems, improving shallow breathing into fuller breathing.
  • Treating depression, mental tension and uneasy feelings.
  • Headaches, menstrual pains, shoulder pains and pain in general.
  • Recovering from drug use.
  • Sleeping problems, insomnia, trouble falling asleep.
  • Release of emotional blockage and trauma.
  • Panic, fear and anxiety.
  • Bringing joy and passion for life back.
  • The ability to make changes in life.

For additional info contact: 054-4213151

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You’re welcome to read testimonies from patients:

I feel like I’m going through a change that has only began, and will continue

I feel like I’m going through a change that has only began, and will continue
I’ve decided to tell about my personal experience, so that other may benefit from this knowledge.
Over the last 6 years, I’ve been suffering from an allergy that had suddenly appeared – just like that.
I manifested in the form of a rash and a terrible itching all over my body.
The allergy would appear each year from spring till winter, and sometimes would even go on beyond that period.
I’ve consulted every possible medical specialist, and nothing helped.
For over a year, I tried acupuncture treatment from one of Israel’s best experts, and that didn’t help either.
The physical discomfort was horrible, making me feel borderline disabled, although I pushed myself through the pain to try and carry on with my daily life.
I reached Eliyahu Sapir through a recommendation from a friend, who heard about him from her friends, who had experience with his methods. When I came to him for the first time, I explained to him that I don’t have much expectations of him,
And that I’m trying this out because I have nothing to lose. He simply smiled and said nothing.
I must say, that after the first session, the allergy was all but gone!!!
But in addition to that, during the therapy, I’ve experienced a complex emotional experience, which I apparently did not let go,
Blockades of which I did not know.
Or, Like Eliyahu said, I went through an energetic wash out.
I used to be an energetic, optimistic type
But ever since the therapy, everything just got more powerful
Full of joy for life, but also
In peace of mind, capable to listen to my now-sharpened senses and intuition.
Now, I feel like using every moment of life to the fullest
And not to miss a thing. I know it sounds
Strange, but it’s just like that for me
In my personal experience.
I feel like I went through a major change that is just beginning, and that what I tell will help others too.

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