Personal Growth

Personal growth

 When I write the words “personal growth”, I recall the first time I planted seeds with my son Lavi in our garden. He was only 2 years old at the time, and I wondered to myself – what would a toddler at this age think about this process? Can he understand the meaning of planting a seed into the soil, and the process it will go through until it grows into a tall plant in our garden? How would he interpret to himself all of the stages this little seed is about to go through? From bursting through its peel, sprouting from the ground, growing its stalk, leaves and fruit. In this case, we planted corn seeds… so there’s much to anticipate!

The days went by and all we could do is follow the progress, Lavi was adamant not to miss a single day observing the changes that occurred. How exciting it was for him to come to the garden and suddenly discover little sprouts on the ground that were not there the day before. And of course, after a few months, enjoy the delicious and sweet corn.

He didn’t ask many questions, just persisted with the visits to the garden, watering the plants, and accepting everything that happens and every little observable change with a childish innocence. It was an amazing process for both of us.

This is how I view and feel about the growth processes happening in my clinic, just not to plants – but to patients that come to me and choose to walk the path of development growth.

Some of the patients arrive to me in moment of crisis and confusion, but patients don’t necessarily have to come because they’re unhappy with their lives – it could also be out of pure awareness, the will to improve their quality of life and an inner force asking for change from where they are now… usually mentally and emotionally, but sometimes physically too.

I believe that with the help of the tools and treatment that I give the patient, I water them like the corn plant that Lavi watered. With the help of energy washout, I help every single one be more in touch with themselves. Observe their deep, internal selves and allow them to see which relationships/feelings/patterns are helpful to their lives, which control them, and which ones it’s time to let go of.

Another tool I use that helps the growth process is Bach flower remedies (flowers… a garden, right?) the remedies can help release emotional obstacles, and with accurate brewing of specific remedies a person can get the strength needed for them to cope, make things clearer and find their most inner selves.

The treatment requires the will to change and inner courage in order to feel real change.

The more open-minded you arrive to the process, the more significantly you will feel the difference.

It’s important to remember that every individual has their own way of personal growth – corn doesn’t grow the same way a tomato does, and a tomato doesn’t grow the same way broccoli does.

And most importantly, every flowering inner garden in our hearts starts with a tiny seed of self-love and acceptance.

A therapist with deep intuitive sensitivity.

A therapist with deep intuitive sensitivity.
I came to Eliyahu after already visiting several therapists, and I had very few expectations.
The issued that needed to be addressed were emotional and deep.
I’ve been attending this therapy for 10 months, and after each session, I left in a completely different place, mentally, from the one I was in when I came.
And with each session, the inner change could be felt becoming more and more apparent…
Eliyahu treats people from a place of deep intuitive sensitivity, with full attention and presence.
He can spot fakes quickly – he knows how to attune the mind, and the attention, and knows exactly where are the correct energetic “taps” for that day, how to activate them, at what intensity, and precisely which extracts to mix.
I don’t know how he does it, but all of it combined together has an incredible effect.
Thanks to Eliyahu, I was finally able to advance to a new mental and emotional state.
A truly blessed therapist. I sincerely thank you, dear Eliyahu.
I recommend him from the bottom of my heart.

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