Ilan Lev

ilan - lev | ILM treatment

A method developed by Ilan Lev and named after his name. The method engage in improving the functioning of the body, helps in cases of skeletal problems: muscles, tendons, ligaments. Back pain, muscle pain and slipped discs (motor problems) The treatment performed as the patient lying on the treatment bed, dressed and the therapist is sitting, standing, moving around him and moving his limbs, his joints. Through these mobility some communication way is created where the unconscious part of the brain that allows to solve problems and ease the pain. The assumption underlying the method is that the organism is able to correct the problem, and despite the prevailing conventional view that when there is a problem let the body rest, it is this method offers the solution and relief to the problem of traffic. The body takes the place of opportunity Traffic correction, error correction made after which came the injury or pain. The method is suitable for all ages and popular among dancers, musicians and athletes.

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