Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders

We all know the term “all-nighter”, and how we feel the day after… significant fatigue, difficulties functioning, agitation, distractedness, etc.

Many people suffer from sleep disorders daily, and their quality of life suffers for it. Sleep disorders can manifest a number of ways:

  • Difficult falling asleep
  • Repeated awakenings throughout the night
  • Feeling restless while sleeping
  • Early awakening
  • Chronic fatigue

and more…

Sleep is one of our most basic needs, like food and drink!

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping.

The role of sleep in our lives is critical so that we can function normally in the physical sense and in the mental and emotional sense.

Sleep disorders can have many causes, such as advanced age, hormonal changes in women, health issues, mental illnesses like depression, etc.

Research shows that mental stress is one of the most common causes for sleep disorders.

During sleep, we “turn off” our brains in order to create an inner peace in order to have a deep and calm sleep.

When our brains are occupied throughout the day and before sleep by thoughts, fears, anxieties and mental stress (often stemming from an overwhelming lifestyle), we can’t allow ourselves to relax enough to get good quality, undisturbed sleep.

How can my treatment help with sleep disorders?

In a treatment I developed called “free flow”, I first put an emphasis on breathing.

I teach the patient how to breathe more fully, so that more oxygen travels to the body’s cells, by using breathing exercises you can do at home – your body and soul will experience a calm that will allow you to fall asleep and experience a better sleep.

I also combine other techniques such as energy washout and Bach flowers that can help the patient work through situations of stress and anxiety, both consciously and unconsciously, to let go of them on a mental and emotional level, and by doing so improve sleep quality.

I am grateful for not choosing the easy path of anxiety pills

I am grateful for not choosing the easy path of anxiety pills 
“My experience with the treatment.
After a period of anxiety and trouble sleeping, sleeping for 2 hours a day with sleeping pills.. After numerous psychological therapy sessions (that usually ended up being just conversational), I visited Eliyahu Sapir after getting recommendations about him.
To be honest, I was very skeptical. I arrived from sheer desperation. I realized that this would either help (and again.. I don’t believe in conventional treatments) or I’ll start taking anxiety medication with all of their side effects.
On the first session, that was a bit longer than the following ones, we were mostly talking so he could get to know me. I remember saying to myself ‘here we go, another therapy session under a different title..’
After we were done talking the treatment started. I was asked to loosen up, which was very difficult for me, considering I didn’t believe in such treatments. But something felt much deeper than any other therapy session I’ve ever had.
At the end of the session he told me my body might be shaking and that it’s a natural reaction to an energetic washout.
When I came home, my husband asked me how the session went, and I started trembling.
I remember telling him that it’s probably my my mind deciding that my body should start shaking and I still couldn’t believe that it happened!!
On the same day I went to sleep at 6pm and ended up sleeping until 10am the next day.
(Remember how I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours a day??)
I woke up to a new world - I’ve regained my faith, I could let go of the anxiety. I could go back to my ordinary life!
Of course I had to go back to a few more sessions, and with each session I’ve felt like I finally understand what it meant to loosen up and and imagining new things. I’ve learned to enjoy the sessions and let myself experience each one of them.
I’m really happy I was recommended to visit him.
I am grateful for not choosing the easy path of anxiety pills and that there is another way of getting through a time like this.
I’ve gained a new perspective. The world has become calmer. I am very thankful.


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