Hi Eliyahu,

I’ve come to see you with the recommendation of a friend in order to relieve stress and start a process of healing for my soul.

As a past cancer survivor, I found it important to treat my soul and body with something like an energetic washout as part of the deep healing process.

I never imagined that right after the first treatment I’d feel a huge impact like this and be liberated beyond my expectations.

I don’t know if I can put into words the experience I’ve had, I was excited, emotional and free.

You’ve allowed me, in a professional and sensitive way, to connect with my soul deeply and everything I was too scared to do, and not be afraid to look inside and love who I am today and who I was in any stage of my life.

I’d like to thank you for the patience, sensitivity and care,

I’m glad I came to you and got to know you and your treatment methods.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I was very relieved and full of energy
Dear Eli,
It has been a great experience to be treated by you. During the intake you made me feel comfortabele and we discussed the energy treatment.
During the massage I felt as I was leaving my body. I noticed my self as I was a bystander.
I also experienced a very clear picture of an ancient warrior.
I do not know what it meant but I felt very relieved. At the end of the treatment I was very cold and I needed a lot of blankets to get warm again. Afterwards I was very relieved and full of energy. It felt as if my energychannels were clear again.
I can recommend Eli as he is a sincere person with healing capacities.

R. holland

I never felt the compassion for myself
Since the treatment I'm very much aware of of breathing and increasing passion in life again.
It has to do with feeling worthy, and loving yourself.
In my work as a photographer it's all about compassion for others. But I never felt the compassion for myself 🙂
The breathing part might be a karma thing. In a hypnose I saw myself as a jewish girl in a camp with her mother. She was 4 years old. She was not allowed to live.
I'm ready for life:-) Thanks Eli!
sara, 49, holland

I now am aware of my uncertainty.
I now am aware of my uncertainty. I was busy with something I wasn't aware.
I was holding my breathe in situations, and I don't know why. I just stop. and hold.
The border is something what seems to be repeating and I don't know the cause.
I have goals and on the way I meet people and on one way or another in the past they tried to claim. But I'm already a lot further and the border is there, somehow I feel that.
It is for me important and better that someone gives me that, like you did by saying. It helped me.
And some people, I don't need them. That's for sure.
sandra, 30 , holland

'I've had an extraordinary experience with Life in the most perfect way. Through the conversation with Eliyahu at the beginning of the session, I was able to see life with new eyes. He is able to show the essence in life with words, but also without words. He pass across the energy of the divine.'

great boost of warmth in my neck

hi Sapir,
Your treatment was a great experience:
pleasant intake and a great boost of warmth in my neck after you triggered some spot in my ribs.
Obviously some tension in my neck which could fly away​

I keep feeling the calmness and happiness
Dear Eliyahu
I had a great experience during your treatment, but afterwords it have been even better!
Unfortunately I cannot feel the prickling sensation in my whole body again,
but I keep feeling the calmness and happiness that I have during your treatment. Thank you!!!
m, 29 holland

I am good the way i am

Dear Eli,
With your treatment you really did help me to let go of a lot of emotional ballast what makes that i left so much weight behind and created more space inside myself.
It brought me back to my true self. Even to that little girl inside that makes me happy and let me enjoy life again.
I sleep so much better, enjoy life and make decisions so i look after myself much better. Now i can say :
I am good the way i am and love myself !!!
Thank you very much , am real glad that i met you and your treatment !!!
warm greetings and big hug ,

You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockage
Dear Eli,
I wish I can stay, I wish I can work with you releasing all my demons. You  have giving me hope in a life full of blockages that has crippled me to live and to breathe. Our paths crossed as the universe set it out to happen. I traveled far (Canada) to see you in Israel and see my son of to go to the army. My first encounter with you was indeed spiritual , uplifting my life to a new level. The life I am meant to live with passion joy and intent. Creating a safe place for me with a combination of pressure points and gentle pressure you created space for my energy to flow outward and release the blockages that crippled me like a cancer. My body vibrated and shook ,tears rolling down my eyes of relieve , relief of letting go of what makes us weak.
You are a master a true guru of your craft.
thank you, thank you ...I cannot wait to see you again and again,and again.
Anim,49 , canada

I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes.
Hi Eliyahu,
It was an incredible treatment, one that I didn’t experience the like of anywhere else. Although I came prepared, after reading Nader Boto’s fascinating book, I still needed to release some leftovers, and let you do what you do for quite a few years now.
True, it requires the patient to become fully immersed in the experience, but for the effectiveness of the treatment, I was willing to take that ‘risk’.
I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes, and could see my blissful future.
After an hour and a half, I felt relieved, with a better energy flow, and a feeling of joy mixed with optimism that will accompany me for life.
I highly recommend this treatment to everyone I know.

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