I’ve been struggling with severe migraines for 30 years

“Dear Eliyahu, I would like to thank you for the devoted and sensitive treatment that you’ve given all of us (my daughter, my husband and me). We all feel significantly better with our lives since the treatment. Especially me, who suffered from severe migraines for 30 years in a way that interfered with my daily life. Ever since the second treatment you could say that the pain has vanished and life is wonderful. My daughter, who also suffered from terrible headaches, feels great after the treatments. I recommend to anyone reading this lines, and in general anyone I know, who carries a problem with no explanation or cure, to visit you for a liberating treatment. I thank you wholeheartedly for everything. Merav.”

The body is floating. Liberated. Free

“Wow!!!! I don’t know how to explain. I have no words. Only sensations. The body is floating. Liberated. Free. The shoulders don't hurt. Although I cried a lot, I am not exhausted. I do feel excited. Connected. Loved. Loving. I was crying. Screaming. Breathing. Getting mad. Pounding. I fell apart. Reconnected. I was in pain. I hated. I loved. I got emotional. I met. I met myself. I met myself as the little girl that I was. I felt sorry for her. I loved her. I walked hand in hand with her. Like a big, loving, guarding sister. With a lot of love. And a lot of closeness. With great, pleasant warmth that passed between us. Great, pleasant warmth that embraced us. I could say to her “I love you! I love you!!!” And now I say to her - Let’s go with courage. Let’s go as heroes. Let’s go with health. Let’s go to the end. With no fear. We are here together, strong and brave. We will live. Be happy, go crazy over my husband and the kids, go for it, be ourselves, let everything we have bottled up inside of us out in the open. Give ourselves love, plenty of it, because we deserve it!!!! M.”

After just a few sessions, I can see the change in my child

“Writing just a few words won’t be nearly enough to describe a person as special as you, Eliyahu Sapir.. A man with a huge soul, sensitive, attentive and caring, Gives personal treatment to every patient Accurate diagnosis and treatment with amazing results Each person must go through a special treatment like that And for that I’d like to greatly thank you I want to tell all the mothers, that the education system doesn't help and clinics only solve the problems with medication or send the children to get diagnosed by special doctors with months waiting time.. And you can’t help a child with emotional problems, attention problems or ADHD. Yes, with Eliyahu you will find the solution. Here you will find a man with a soul, a sensitive man that no child can’t connect to a heart his size. The most important thing is the amazing results after just a few sessions, you can definitely see the changes in the child, lots of light and hope, the confidence.. All of it was back only thanks to you. Thank you once again for everything. Anat”

I felt like I’ve said goodbye to a huge part of me that was a burden on my life

“Treatment with Eli Sapir It was amazing, powerful, I felt like I’ve said goodbye to a huge part of me that was a burden on my life. After the treatment I feel light, little and calm. I breathe better, and I see better. Yael”

I’ve been searching for a cure for a long time

“Good week, Eliyahu.

For a long time I’ve been searching for a cure, a solution, an answer to indigestion I've suffered from. I’ve went to doctors, got tests done on me, tried different medications, attended meetings, drank teas and infusions until I almost gave up. During my search I’ve heard of Dr. Nader Boto, and a treatment called “Energetic washout”. I then met Eliyahu Sapir, Dr. Nader Boto’s student. In the last few months after a few sessions I’ve been experiencing changes that started out small, working it’s way to restore my digestive system to proper functioning. Tip-toeing, I am thrilled and excited with every sign of progress. Marvel, miracle, faith, Eliyahu you are talented, attentive and encouraging. Thank you so much. R.”

Gave me hope and a glance at a better future

“I came to see Eliyahu after reading a recommendation about him through Dr. Nader Boto’s Facebook page. At the time I was in a point of stress, ocd, trauma and anxiety from the past. He treated me with an energetic washout, and bach flower remedies. The energetic washout was powerful at first, I was trembling and my muscles cramped as the traumatic negative energy left my body. The treatment also helped me with guided imagery, gave me hope and a glance at a better future, which was too difficult to imagine on my own. Now I can relieve myself on my own anytime I feel down. I highly recommend visiting Eliyahu because of his warmth, love and care, he truly wants to help, he’s very kind and calming. I can see and feel the sincerity in his will to help, which is something I highly value with a therapist. Y.”

I felt loved, comfortable, accepted, safe

“Hi Eliyahu,

I can’t find enough words to describe the thing I felt yesterday… I think that the word “enlightenment” is a grand word that feels a bit cheap, so I take caution not to use it. Another word I can think of is catharsis, a spiritual-conscious-physical experience of purification, cleansing, liberation and deep vent. I felt connected - to myself, to the truth, to light, to the origin, to infinity.. I felt happiness - true, refined, pure due to pure presence, pure being. I felt loved, comfortable, accepted, safe. I can tell you that this morning I feel like I'm floating. A sort of pleasant lightness and and deep peace due to the understanding that there is so much beyond the “physical reality” (or the one we describe as such). Thank you so much, you treat with divine grace. See you again soon 🙂 Chen”

Your treatment is both physical and mental

Dear Eli,

When I was told what your treatment would do, I was sceptical at first. But every word was true. It made me become aware of old convictions and obstacles in my life and my body. You are a master in letting go of all that old pain and grief and I can thank you enough for giving me this insight. Your treatment is both physical and mental so good for body and mind. I recommend others to this great experience. By Eli you are in good hands. lots of love Sandra

I feel like I’m going through a change that has only began, and will continue

I’ve decided to tell about my personal experience, so that other may benefit from this knowledge. Over the last 6 years, I’ve been suffering from an allergy that had suddenly appeared – just like that. I manifested in the form of a rash and a terrible itching all over my body. The allergy would appear each year from spring till winter, and sometimes would even go on beyond that period. I’ve consulted every possible medical specialist, and nothing helped. For over a year, I tried acupuncture treatment from one of Israel’s best experts, and that didn’t help either. The physical discomfort was horrible, making me feel borderline disabled, although I pushed myself through the pain to try and carry on with my daily life. I reached Eliyahu Sapir through a recommendation from a friend, who heard about him from her friends, who had experience with his methods. When I came to him for the first time, I explained to him that I don’t have much expectations of him, And that I’m trying this out because I have nothing to lose. He simply smiled and said nothing. I must say, that after the first session, the allergy was all but gone!!! But in addition to that, during the therapy, I’ve experienced a complex emotional experience, which I apparently did not let go, Blockades of which I did not know. Or, Like Eliyahu said, I went through an energetic wash out. I used to be an energetic, optimistic type But ever since the therapy, everything just got more powerful Full of joy for life, but also In peace of mind, capable to listen to my now-sharpened senses and intuition. Now, I feel like using every moment of life to the fullest And not to miss a thing. I know it sounds Strange, but it’s just like that for me In my personal experience. I feel like I went through a major change that is just beginning, and that what I tell will help others too. Hagit

I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes

Hi Eliyahu, It was an incredible treatment, one that I didn’t experience the like of anywhere else. Although I came prepared, after reading Nader Boto’s fascinating book, I still needed to release some leftovers, and let you do what you do for quite a few years now. True, it requires the patient to become fully immersed in the experience, but for the effectiveness of the treatment, I was willing to take that ‘risk’. I cried, and laughed, and saw all my life passing before my eyes, and could see my blissful future. After an hour and a half, I felt relieved, with a better energy flow, and a feeling of joy mixed with optimism that will accompany me for life. I highly recommend this treatment to everyone I know. Tomer

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