Great boost of warmth in my neck

hi Sapir,

Your treatment was a great experience: pleasant intake and a great boost of warmth in my neck after you triggered some spot in my ribs. Obviously some tension in my neck which could fly away​.

A feeling that I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came

I came very excited to my therapy session. I didn’t exactly know what’s going to happen, but I did know, is that my desire to become free can only take me so far if I do not trust the experience. I first had a conversation with Eliyahu, during which he identified the bonds and significant experiences through which I lived, and thus pinpointed the points which I would want to address during the treatment. The treatment itself is another experience entirely. Very powerful. I felt as if the body is shaking away experiences, memories, fears, and old pains. Without any control on my end. But with a full and firm control on Eliyahu’s. Afterwards, while my body is still shaking, I felt an immense flow enter my body, through the palms of my hands, which then spread to the rest of my body. Eliyahu explained this to me, and reassured me, so that I will not fear the process and we could continue. It has been five hours after the therapy. All feelings of future, past, for and against – all were but gone. Only tranquility and resilience remained. An inner peace. Only the breathing. A feeling as if I am in a bigger womb than the one from which I came.

Grasp the opportunity with both hands and let  him help you

"Eli is a true healer - with a range of therapies,skills and competencies that elevates his treatments to many levels above other therapists. There is something truly special about this man that you sense in his calm demeanor the minute you meet him. He is someone who truly cares about the special needs of every client - and who has an innate sense of the type of treatment or therapy each client requires. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are fortunate enough to be within the aura of this kind and wonderful human being, grasp the opportunity with both hands and let him help you." Service Category: Coaching, Healing, Therapist Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity richard kohn managing director,cepd ctp bv netherland

I didn’t know what it felt like to sleep well for over 5 years

Hi, I came to you with sleeping problems. I couldn’t fall asleep at night, it’d take me too long.
I was under a lot of stress and couldn’t relax at all.

I came to you, Eliyahu Sapir, and to be honest - I was skeptic about the treatment. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve felt what it was like to sleep well at night, be happy, be free and enjoy doing nothing, it’s something I couldn’t do and I would avoid taking long vacations because I was very uptight.

When I arrived at your clinic for a washout, after the first treatment I realized that this was the right way for me, I felt my body was shaking, I laughed and I cried, but not the way I’m used to, in a more liberating way..

After your treatment I was relieved and my sleep has become better.

Following the treatment I was given bach flower drops from you that made me feel better. A few days later you added some other flowers to the drops and ever since I’ve been feeling calm and at peace. What I have forgotten from so many years ago, I suddenly started enjoying the freedom and seeing how beautiful life is and that we should enjoy every moment of it. My mood was lifted and my appetite returned, I’m more calm around my family and I enjoy vacations with them like I haven’t in a long time.

I’d like to tell you, Eliyahu, that you are a very kind person, willing to help sincerely because you really care. You are a sensitive person and fun to talk to. I’d like to thank you sincerely once more, you are a very special person. I highly and deeply recommend anyone who has a problem, not knowing which doctor to turn to, to visit this place because you are a special person. Thank you so much.


I felt like a blind man, able to see again

I feel like there’s not enough room to contain all the greatness within the amazing person, Eliyahu Sapir.

A man with a huge, warm, understanding and healing heart.

I came to see Eliyahu in the midst of a mental crisis, not expecting too much. But I was happily surprised. A different kind of treatment method that’s hard to explain with words.

After the energetic washout I felt disconnected, like I was flying. I felt like a blind man who could see again.

The calm, peace and hope that Eliyahu has given me - are priceless to me.

There's absolutely no doubt that I will visit Eliyahu’s warm clinic again in the future.

And one short, sincere word - Thanks.


Since our meeting I’ve been feeling stronger and more energetic

About a month ago I went through a one-of-a-kind experience, after struggling with some hardships I turned to Eliyahu Sapir, and honestly - I had no idea what the treatment was like. I was pleasantly surprised by the sensitivity, seriousness and professionalism. I’d like to thank Eliyahu Sapir, some time has passed since then and I feel the improvement every single day. I must state that I lead groups who underwent bereavement and since our meeting I’ve been feeling stronger and more energetic and able to do better. I sincerely recommend giving yourself the gift of this treatment. I already gifted this treatment to many of my close friends.

Miriam Kenler, Ra’anana

I was in complete peace, I don’t know what he did

After chemotherapy I felt like my body and soul need a serious, comforting deep cleanse, to rid me of all the gunk, and I searched and searched and found the perfect man for the job.

He was accurate in our conversation and precisely understanding me, he provided the perfect way to treat me. Everything that I’ve been bottling up inside, that was bothering and burdening me, was completely out in the open within our first conversation, and later on during the method he used in his treatment. I was in complete peace, I don’t know what he did but I felt that everything was flowing out of my body. The heart was at ease. After a few sessions and using some bach flower remedies at home, followed by proper advice, I knew I reached my goal with a heart and soul that are open and calm. Huge thanks to the man who helped me.


The body is levitating. It is liberated. It is free


I don’t know how to explain. I have no words. Only sensations. The body is floating. Liberated. Free. The shoulders don't hurt. Although I cried a lot, I am not exhausted. I do feel excited. Connected. Loved. Loving.

I was crying. Screaming. Breathing. Getting mad. Pounding. I fell apart. Reconnected. I was in pain. I hated. I loved. I got emotional. I met. I met myself. I met myself as the little girl that I was. I felt sorry for her. I loved her. I walked hand in hand with her. Like a big, loving, guarding sister. With a lot of love. And a lot of closeness. With great, pleasant warmth that passed between us. Great, pleasant warmth that embraced us. I could say to her “I love you! I love you!!!” And now I say to her - Let’s go with courage. Let’s go as heroes. Let’s go with health. Let’s go to the end. With no fear. We are here together, strong and brave.

We will live. Be happy, go crazy over my husband and the kids, go for it, be ourselves, let everything we have bottled up inside of us out in the open.

Give ourselves love, plenty of it, because we deserve it!!!!


I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places

Dear Eli,

I came to you through a recommendation from a friend,

I came to you after trying several methods of treatment, but eventually the fear made me feel stuck and prevented me from living my life peacefully.

One of the fears was a fear of making mistakes, in unfamiliar roads to me.

For example: when I had to drive somewhere unknown, even though I had Waze with directions, I needed to prepare myself mentally before arriving at an unknown city, and I’d always join a friend or have a friend join me. I never dared to leave the city on my own.

Same goes to my personal life, I’d only do things I was sure of, 100% sure.

It has limited me and delayed me from actualizing things.

As I said, I came to you through a recommendation from a friend, I wasn’t familiar with your treatment methods, yet after seeing the changes my friend has gone through with you I decided to give in. You’ve greeted me well with a smile, no judgement, no criticism and professionally, which is what helped me open up and let go.

I don't know how things work with your method, but I believed in you!!

My reality has changed.

On the first time, my friend drove to your clinic, and on that same week I’ve had the insurance company cover a second driver for my car. On the second time I gathered the courage to drive with her beside me (the insurance covered her replacing me in driving if I couldn’t drive myself) and honestly, there was no need for that.

On the third time, I arrived to you on my own, and continued to do so from that day on.

It may sound so simple but it was a frustrating burden for me to be dependent on others.

Not only am I driving out of the city alone these days, which helps me visit my children who live outside of town without being dependent on another person, but I also became more spontaneous, light hearted, and felt positive energy flowing in my life.

I keep saying that I don’t understand your methods, but it doesn’t even matter to me at this point. What matters is that my reality as of today looks completely different.

I’m not afraid of going to unfamiliar places, and I’m not afraid to execute the things I want to do. I’ve stepped far away from the words “afraid” and “stuck”, because these days I am confident and going with the flow.

Thank you so much,

Glad I came to you, and glad I have more of me to myself.

I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to make a change in their life to visit you.


I’ve been sick with cancer these past 5 years

I turned to Eliyahu Sapir for physical and mental support.

I’d like to take the opportunity to express how grateful and appreciative I am of Eliyahu, for the devoted, professional and most of all - human care I got during our sessions.

The ability to identify my unique sensitivities helped me deal with struggles I wasn't even aware of, all through listening, personal connection and guidance. I felt like I was exposed to more things that were hidden within me and were messing with my day to day life from time to time.

This made me a lot stronger, and with it came also physical exercises to help the flow of energy in my body and better breathing that I have also practiced at home.

Eliyahu provided me with drops concocted by him, which I saw to be of high importance.

There’s no doubt that the connection between the body and soul is highly important, and it’s something Eliyahu knows how to do perfectly.

I found him to not only be a healer, but also a friend I could trust and open up to.

The conventional medical treatment and Eliyahu’s treatment went well hand in hand.

I am grateful for everything he’s done.


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